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Extreme efficiency

Full automation

Chat bot brings the highest communication efficiency with up to 95% open rate and up to 40% conversion rate

Do not invest into hiring sales managers, invest directly into your product, traffic and results

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Optimized budget

Competitive advantage

Highest Return on Investment (ROI) rate supported by full automation of customer journey

Benefit from using efficient and modern communication method which is not used by the majority of your competitors

4 quick steps to implement chat bot

STEP 1: chat bot instead of website

The client goes straight from the online ads to the capture page, where he selects his favorite messenger. You can also send a link to the chat bot to your current customers, or even print it on the offline product


STEP 2: choosing messenger

And then it's up to the robot to bring the customer to the purchase via WhatsApp, Facebook or any other messenger. With chat bot you lead the customer step by step so that he does not go to competitors, does not get confused or simply refuse to buy because of any doubts


STEP 3: active sales

Unlike a website, a robot itself will offer your client specific goods or services that he is most likely to buy


STEP 4: automatic up-sell

For example, it is logical to offer a conditioner for washing and preserving color to a red dress, and the robot will do this instantly. This is much easier to manage using chat bot rather than website


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